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- Pastries -

Le Petit has incredible ovens and pastry chefs.

Plain Croissants-hand-crafted by artisan bakers

Almond Croissants-filled with almond paste and topped with slivered almonds

Pain au Chocolat-our chocolate croissant

Vanilla Cream-
a rich, creamy classic english scone topped with coarse sugar

Lemon Poppy Ginger-
our most complex scone. pieces of candied lemon & ginger give those scone its unique flavor.

Cranberry Almond-
our newest scone. cinnamon is added to make this great breakfast scone.

Chocolate Hazelnut-
toasted hazelnuts and guittard chocolate make this a Missoula favorite


Puff Pastry
Palmiers-a french sugar cookie made to resemble palm leaves.

Chausson aux Pommes-otherwise known as the decadent apple turnover

Ham & Swiss Croissant

Pain au Raisin

Pain du Matin

Hazelnut Shortbread-
Butter, flour, sugar & ground hazelnuts make this classic cookie.

Chocolate Bouchon
Think chocolate. Lots of chocolate. dutch cocoa, guittard chocolate chips in this decadent pastry. The latest in LPO's dedication to decadence.

Canneles are a traditional French pastry from the Bordeaux region. Cannele meaning “fluted” refers to the traditional fluted copper molds in which they are baked. The molds are coated in local beeswax, before being filled with the batter. They are baked for over an hour to produce a thin, crunchy, caramelized shell that holds a vanilla custard like interior.

Hazelnut Lunette

Bacca Florentine

Olive Rolls

Cranberry Struan Rolls

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