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- Breads -

All of our breads are handcrafted and made with wheat from Shepherd's Grain - "Honest, Transparent and Quality Focused". Shepherd's Grain wheat flour is GMO free.

German Rye
A true German rye bread. The starter for this bread is fermented for 16 hours prior to the mixing of the dough. The dark rye flour gives the loaf a richer, nuttier flavor and a moister crumb than an American rye bread. Excellent with smoked salmon, pastrami & other cold meats. Available Wednesday thru Saturday.

Ingredients-bread flour, dark rye flour, water, rye sponge, sea salt.


Kaiser Rolls

Pain de Campagne
Our version of sourdough bread. It's mild, tangy flavor comes from wild yeasts cultivated from our organic sourdough sponge. The crispy crust and chewy interior adds flair to any meal.

Ingredients-bread flour, water, sourdough sponge & sea salt.

A sesame semolina loaf that was developed thirty years ago by a baker in Rome. The rich golden color of the crumb is achieved by blending two fine Montana flours. Toasted sesame seeds stud the outside of the loaf, making it a standout for appearance and aroma.

Ingredients-bread flour, semolina flour, water, biga, sea salt, & sesame seeds.

This Northern Italian loaf is traditionally made to resemble a slipper in shape. A long fermentation process develops its delicate flavor and gives it an irregular crumb with a crunchy crust. An excellent bread for rustic sandwiches.

Ingredients-bread flour, water, poolish(organic flour, water & yeast), olive oil & sea salt.

Parisienne Baguette
We follow the classic baguette method that develops the breads flavor over time. It takes at least 12 hours to produce our baguettes. This creates a more substantial texture and develops the flour's natural flavor into a flavorful chewy baguette.

Ingredients-bread flour, water, biga & sea salt.

Rosemary Foccacia
This classic Italian flatbread is stretched by hand and then coated with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary and kosher salt.

Ingredients-bread flour, water, semolina flour, olive oil, biga, sea salt & rosemary.

N.Y. Rye
A slight sourdough flavor permeates the bread. The rye's chewy interior filled with caraway seed makes it excellent for pastrimi sandwiches.

Ingredients- bread flour, rye flour, water, sourdough sponge, sea salt & caraway seed.

Sourdough Baguette

Epi Baguette

Struan and Cranberry Struan

Potato Rosemary Bread

Pizza Dough

Italian Rolls

Campagne Rolls

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