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- Deli Breads -

Birdman Bread
A melody of seed and grain, Birdman bread is our most recognized bread. A touch of honey gives this bread a hint of sweetness, while polenta and poppy seeds give it that bite of texture. Birdman toasts well and makes excellent sandwiches.

Ingredients-wheat flour, polenta, water, sugar, rolled oats, wheat bran, brown rice, honey, molasses, yeast & sea salt.

Kaiser Rolls
The quintessential choice for sandwiches and hamburgers, our version of the Kaiser roll has a golden color and fluffy texture that make it the classic sandwich roll.

Ingredients-wheat flour, water, egg, soybean oil, sugar, yeast & sea salt.

Sourdough Deli
The Sourdough deli loaf is made with a Montana sourdough sponge that gives this bread a simple, yet distinctive flavor.

Ingredients-wheat flour, sourdough sponge, water, yeast & sea salt.

Whole Wheat Deli
Sourdough and cracked wheat are the ingredients added to the Le Petit Outre Whole Wheat which results in a bread with a fresh tangy flavor and hearty texture.

Ingredients-wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat levain sponge, water, cracked wheat, yeast & sea salt.

Italian Deli
The Italian deli loaf has a dark brown crust and a golden crumb. Semolina flour gives this loaf a complex taste and a soft texture.

Ingredients-wheat flour, organic semolina flour, biga, water, yeast & sea salt.

Brewer's Grain
A brewery and bakery combination. We combine Kettlehouse brewers grain with a nutty whole wheat dough to achieve this tasty loaf. Excellent flavor and great toasted!

Ingredients-wheat flour, whole wheat flour, water, sourdough, brewer's grain, water, honey, molasses, sea salt, yeast and sunflower seeds.

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